IMS modular mast

Aiming high thanks to flexible modular technology

Stable and configurable

A modular tower from IMS Kommunikationstechnik GmbH in Leipzig can be used as a temporary or permanent variant with both versions developed to provide the following convincing points:

  • Individual configuration options,
  • Short assembly times thanks to smart module technology and
  • A high static load-bearing capacity.

Our relevant department manager will be happy to advise you personally.

Contact person

Daniel Wille
Head of department

Phone: +49341 – 2269 10 66

Brief description

The modular tower from IMS Kommunikationstechnik GmbH in Leipzig features the following:


  • Max. 27 m with extension pole
  • Individual segments each 3m high


  • Base frame: 5,750 kg
  • Standard section: 320 kg (7x for 27 m)
  • Section 2 (bracing): 1,100 kg
  • Section 8 (with extension tube): 460 kg
  • Concrete weight: 20,000 kg
  • Total 27 m mast + concrete weight: 29,550 kg

Ground surface

  • At least 30 cm compacted gravel cushion


  • Standard statics for 3x quad-band antennas, 12xRRUs, 1×0.6 m microwave antennas
  • Special statics (omni, microwave POC, etc.) can be calculated.
  • Permit available as a mobile structure

Ladder, platforms, cable path

  • All common manufacturers can be used
  • Work or rest platform can be retrofitted
  • Cable path can be mounted either directly on the ladder or as an extension on the corner post